2023 recap with Lara

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Today we sit down with Lara, our talented wedding planner, as we look back on the magical moments of 2023 in the world of weddings. Join us as Lara shares her experiences, insights, and favorite memories from the past year, giving us a glimpse into the trends, challenges, and stories that shaped our wedding season. So, grab a seat and join us as we relive the beauty and excitement of 2023’s weddings through Lara’s eyes!

 What were the most popular wedding trends and themes you saw in 2023?

In 2023, we saw Maximalism make a comeback. Couples were all about bigger guest lists and more extravagant decor, aiming to create memorable and impactful moments. We really saw a focus on creating immersive experiences for everyone involved. It was a year of abundance and celebration, with couples embracing the chance to go all out and make their weddings truly unforgettable.

What were some challenges you faced in 2023 and how did you overcome them?

You know, while most people might expect me to talk about things going wrong on the big day, what really stood out to me in 2023 were the learning curves I faced with processes and working with new vendors. It just goes to show that no matter how much experience you have, there are always new challenges to tackle. But you know what? I think that’s part of the thrill. It keeps things exciting and makes me even more eager to see what 2024 has in store for us.

Were there any outstanding memorable moments from the weddings you planned in 2023?

We did have some smokey days this summer due to wild fires in the surrounding areas. One of the weddings we had in July, the skies opened up and it poured down – perfectly clearing the smoke just before the ceremony. It was quintessential.

Did you see an increase in interest in eco-friendly and sustainable wedding planning practices?

Definitely, which was so nice to see! Think wedding favours made out of seed paper, so that guests are able to take home and plant in the spring for beautiful flowers to remind them of such a special day.

At Mountainscape Weddings, we’re proud to be part of this eco-friendly movement. We’ve always been committed to incorporating environmentally friendly procedures into our business. For example, we recently embraced game-changing floral blocks made from basalt and natural sucrose, which cater to all types of flowers. These blocks not only provide a sustainable alternative for floral arrangements but also find new life as potting soil or contribute to beautiful plant setups. They’re lightweight and rich in Basalt meal and sucrose, nurturing plants effortlessly.

Were there many cultural wedding influences in weddings celebrations this year? If so are you able to share some with us?

There were many, which is always so beautiful to see. A few of my personal favourites to witness were the traditional Chinese tea ceremony and the Blanket Ceremony performed by First Nations family members during the wedding ceremony. Both of these had the stunning backdrop of the Three Sisters mountain range from the terrace of The Malcolm Hotel, in Canmore.

Were there any specific colour palettes that were particularly popular in 2023 weddings?

We saw a notable trend towards dark tones with bright pops of colour in wedding colour palettes. This combination added a striking and vibrant element to wedding decor. One popular choice was using black linens and napkins as a base, complemented by tables adorned with beautiful, bright wildflowers and lush greens. The contrast between the dark, dramatic tones and the lively, vivid colours created a visually stunning and memorable aesthetic


Based on your experiences in 2023, what advice would you give to couples planning their weddings in the coming years?

Make sure that you are doing it your way! You can take inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram, but be sure to make it your own rather than a carbon copy of something that you’ve seen online. Your wedding should truly reflect who you are as a couple.

What trends are you starting to see for 2024 weddings?

Champagne towers are back! As are wedding crests. We are all used to seeing monograms, but think of something more custom and unique to you that is used throughout your event. Formal departures are out the window, as couples want to keep the celebration going by going straight to the after party!

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