Winter weddings are completely magical and breathtakingly beautiful! It really is one of the most magnificent seasons to get married in Banff, Lake Louise or throughout the Rockies. On one hand there are never rain days that you have to worry about or plan around, however, you will have to brave the potentially frigid temperatures and snow. The good news is, you can always bundle up and find unique ways to stay warm. Here are some of the best tips we've found over the years of wedding planning to stay warm at your winter wedding.

1. Find warm (and equally gorgeous) winter accessories

In order to stay warm it's all about finding the perfect accessories that will keep you toasty and look amazing. For winter you can add a fur wrap, short coat, cape or bolero  to your wedding gown to keep warm and look fabulous. There are so many amazing options

2. Under your dress

One of the best winter tips is to make sure you wear extra-warm, thermal tights underneath your dress. We know it might not be the sexiest thing but it will keep you toasty warm during photos and anything that brings you outdoors. Just remember to take them off before the reception :)

3. Keep your toes cozy

Heels won't work in the snow so make sure you find something warm and practical for photos and being outdoors. The best ideas are warm winter boots, uggs or moccasins so your toes stay happy and you can get anywhere you need.

4. Make sure you have plenty of hand warmers

Stock-up on hand warmers for you and all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Hand-out little packets of hand warmers that people can use in their pockets, mitts or boots while you're outside taking photos. This will help keep everyone warm and happy!

5. Put the men in velvet

The men need to stay warm too! Be sure to choose a warm suit fabric for the men so they won't need winter jackets. Our favourite winter choice is a great velvet suit, it looks amazing in the winter and will keep everyone extra warm.

6. Use heaps of candles for romance

Add candles everywhere, it will keep your ceremony and reception space warmer plus it's completely romantic and looks incredible. With short days and longer nights in the winter it's the best time to take advantage of candlelight too.

7. Serve hot drinks

Keep your guests warm by serving hot drinks before the reception. Have an adorable hot chocolate bar, mulled cider or special signature cocktails.

8. Give the gift of warmth

Finding the right idea for favours is always a tricky thing so take advantage of the fact that you want to keep your guests warm and use that for ideas. Some of our favourite ideas are to give guests warm pashminas or mittens as favours. 

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