The best part of planning a wedding is usually in the details. Details allow you to personalize and have fun with your wedding, incorporating personal elements, things you love or bringing together beautiful ideas and styling.

Table numbers might not be a detail you've given much thought to yet, they are a fun element that can tie together beautifully with your Banff mountain wedding. Hosting a wedding in the mountains means you can use a lot of natural elements, outside scenery and rustic ideas in crafting gorgeous table numbers. Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

1. Crystal or Agate Pieces

We love the idea of bringing beautiful coloured rocks and crystals onto your table. You can work with a variety of colours to find the right compliment to your decor or you can work with a clear/translucent crystal instead. Either way, this is a perfectly elegant touch to any table.

2. Slices of Wood

We love seeing the forest brought indoors in unique ways like table numbers. The addition of wood burning the numbers makes it even more rustic and fitting for a mountain wedding.

3. Moss Covered Numbers

Another great idea to bring the beautiful mountain outdoor inside is through moss covered table numbers. These are a great natural addition to your table decor and blend in easily with a variety of centerpieces.

4. Hand Painted or Watercolour Numbers

There's something beautiful about hand-painted table numbers. You can tie in beautiful mountain elements, forest elements or simply your colour palette to make it work.

5. Mason Jars, Burlap and "Wild Flowers" 

Adding your table numbers directly to mason jars or unique vases filled with wild-flowers that feel as if they were hand-picked from the side of the mountain, is a great DIY idea for table numbers and for rustic loving couples.

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