Q&A’s With Our In-House Wedding Florist

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From bouquets to flower crowns, and archways to table centerpieces. Florals are always such an important part of the decor and design process when planning a wedding.

Working with flowers sounds like a dream come true! How could you not want to be surrounded by flowers every day?
We decided to sit down with our in-house florist, Iris, and ask some questions about her favourite things as a wedding florist working with flowers. From the get-go, Iris has been an absolute superstar, bringing floral masterpieces to weddings since 2019. The Mountainscape team has been so happy to have Iris fill the team with her floral expertise and her bubbly personality.

In 2022 we saw dried florals and cascading bouquets, creating an organic and simplistic feel to some of the weddings we planned and designed. We are excited to see what floral trends 2023 will bring to our team here at mountainscape weddings. In this blog, we will discuss some interesting insights into what it is like to work as a wedding florist and some of our favourite floral trends.

Q: When did you first show interest in florals?

A: I grew up in a Mexican city called Guadalajara, where my love of flowers bloomed. It wasn’t until high school that I decided to do something out of my passion. The day before Mother’s Day, I went to the flower market and bought around 300 multicoloured roses. I had asked my girlfriend to help me arrange these roses into bouquets and sell them at the local market for mothers day. I had no training or any idea how to arrange flowers into a bouquet, and youtube tutorials weren’t a thing back then, so we did our best. Next thing you know we sold out of the bouquets we had prepared and were now taking special orders. I must admit it was quite stressful making the bouquets in front of the clients while they were waiting, but we did it and sold out of all the roses I had bought. I still remember feeling so accomplished that I succeeded in doing something I loved and as a bonus, I made money from it. From that day forward I knew I wanted to make a living out of working with flowers.

Q: What were the floral trends we saw in 2022?

A: 2022 was full of organic, unstructured, asymmetrical, and wild shapes. We saw the return of the cascading bouquet, which I think will still be a popular floral trend in 2023. Dried florals and grass elements were also popular and another trend that I think we will see going into 2023. I love seeing our couple’s unique visions come to life.

Q: If you could only work with one type of flower for the rest of your life what would it be?

A: This is a tough question. One of the reasons I love flowers is because they are so unique from each other with every one of them being beautiful in its own way. If I had to choose one I think that would be the Rose. They bloom all year round in all kinds of colours. After all, the Rose represents ‘love and romance’ making them a very special flower for many wedding couples.

Q: What has been your favourite show-stopping ceremony floral piece?

A: I have so many favourite floral pieces that I have created in the past. However, we designed this stunning arch filled with natural fresh curly willow and greenery for a summer wedding we did in 2022. I loved the fairy tale and organic look we created!

Q: Do you prefer bright and bold or organic and neutral tones?

A: I love working with both. Neutral tones are easier to see the final concept come together. However, I enjoy seeing the final result when I work with bright and bold florals.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give to your couple when choosing their wedding florals?

A: I’d suggest choosing seasonal flowers because they are easier to get and definitely will be in their prime. Bigger, brighter, and the most beautiful blooms!

Q: What are your favourite coloured pairings?

A: I have two very different colour palettes that I love to work with. I love the spring-summer colours like blues, peaches, blush, and soft yellows such as the Delphinium, Ranunculus, Snapdragon, and Peonies. Fall colours like burgundy, red and dusty pink are something I also really love. These floral arrangements normally include the Ranunculus, Dahlia, Scabiosa, Calla Lily, and Roses.

Q: What florals do you think will be popular going into 2023?

A: From what I have seen and read, floral trends for 2023 will be classic, smaller, and with little to no greens. From bridal bouquets with little arrangements of colours and flower types to monochromatic and single-flower blooms. I think the trend will be more reminiscent of classic arrangements with a modern twist.

Q: What is your favourite thing about being a wedding florist?

A: CREATIVITY! I love that every project is different and that I can create and design something different for each couple. Every couple’s vision is unique to them. I love being inspired by the variety of flowers and combinations I get to work with to achieve their stunning final look.

Q: How far in advance do you start designing floral arrangements for a wedding?

A: Our creative team will meet with the couple to create the personalized vision they have in mind for their special day. We then construct an inspiration board for the couple according to their wishes and the styles discussed. From this stage, I need to think about the logistics of executing this vision for my clients. The budget, availability, and climate are important factors to consider. At least one month before the wedding, I will confirm the floral order has been sent to the supplier. I then receive the flowers about 2 -3 days before their wedding date and begin the fun of making the arrangements. This way the florals are as fresh and beautiful as possible!

Q: What are your thoughts on Pantone announcing Viva Magenta as the colour of 2023?

A: Loved it! It’s such a vibrant rich colour! I can’t wait to work with this empowering carmine red tone!

Q: What is your favourite season of the year and why?

A: My favourite season for florals is summer. Flowers thrive during the summer and the flower blooms are usually bigger. There is also more variety of flowers and greenery in this season.

Q: Why do you think having an in-house wedding florist is so important?

A: Mountainscape Weddings have a team full of creative and design experts. Our goal is to turn our couple’s vision into a wedding masterpiece that they will remember forever. Having an in-house wedding florist ensures that we have consistent quality going into the design process and that the vision is communicated thoroughly across the team. This way the team is confident that the final product is exactly what our couple has envisioned.

There we have it! For what seems like ‘THE’ dream job, these Q&A’s sum up what it is like working with flowers and the importance of having an in-house wedding florist. With every wedding design unique to each couple, no day is the same when it comes to planning luxurious weddings for our Rocky Mountain couples. Every year we are excited to see what fun and stunning visions our couples bring us. With the new year already in gear, we are eager to see what 2023 floral trends we are yet to see

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