How to tell your guests you’re having a kid free wedding

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It can be hard to decide whether to have a kid-free wedding or not and even harder to tell your guests that their children are not invited. You may be someone who absolutely loves little ones but would rather not worry about kiddies running around and getting overtired as the day goes on. Besides, it’s your wedding day and you want to celebrate with your friends and family to the fullest. While it may feel a little awkward to bring up, it helps to approach the situation with honesty, clarity, and empathy so your guests can appreciate & respect your wishes while understanding that you love their kids.  Here are some steps you can follow to communicate this message effectively:

Be clear about your expectations for a kid-free wedding

When you invite guests, be specific about who is invited. Make sure you are addressing your guests properly in the invitations to get the point across. Guests should understand that only the people listed on the inner envelopes are invited to the wedding so be sure to write the name/s of who you are inviting. For example:

“Dear Mike and Sarah,
Please join us for an adult-only wedding on the 25th of November.
We can’t wait to celebrate our special day with you
Please RSVP by June 12th, 2023
We have reserved two spots for you”.


“Dear Mike and Sarah,
We can’t wait to celebrate with you on the 25th of November.
Let your hair down and make it a date night as we have chosen to make our special day adults only”.

Express Empathy:

Recognize that some guests may be disappointed by your decision. Show empathy by acknowledging their feelings and expressing your hope that they will still be able to attend.

Some examples to use are:

  • “I understand that this might be inconvenient for you, but we really hope you can still join us.”
  • “We completely understand that you may need to make alternative arrangements for your children, and we’re grateful for your understanding. We hope you’ll still be able to make it to our wedding!”

If it is in your budget or the venue offers an on-site babysitter perhaps you can offer your guests a babysitter to save the stress of having to organize one. You could use examples such as:

  • “We want all of our guests to be able to relax and enjoy themselves at our wedding, including those with young children. That’s why we’ve hired an on-site babysitter to watch over your little ones while you celebrate with us.”
  • “We know that finding a trustworthy babysitter can be challenging, especially when you’re out of town for a wedding. That’s why we’re happy to provide you with the details of an on-site babysitter so your little ones aren’t far.”

Stand firm:

If a guest insists on bringing their children despite your request, you may need to stand firm and reiterate that you’re unable to accommodate them. It’s important to be polite but firm, and remind them that you made it clear in the invitation that it was an adult-only event.

Overall, it’s important, to be honest, respectful, and clear when communicating your expectations about children attending your event. By doing so, you can minimize any potential misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

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