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Outdoor ceremonies are popular for those who want to embrace their love of nature and be completely removed from the hustle and bustle. Being surrounded by the Rocky Mountains is something truly special. People from afar travel miles to breathe the mountain air and appreciate the endless peaks that surround them. Being a local wedding planner in the Rocky Mountains, we have planned many unique and mesmerizing outdoor wedding ceremonies.

It can feel overwhelming when it comes to deciding on what decor would best suit your outdoor ceremony. It’s your special day and you want something that highlights your unique personality. As your wedding experts, we are here to help you get started on creating a vision for your gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, the Rocky Mountains are extraordinary all year round and we have a selection of photos to help inspire you for your wedding day.

Unique Ceremony Archways

Being surrounded by the rocky mountains will make your backdrop spectacular! A unique archway will add richness to your outdoor wedding decor while providing an exquisite element to your wedding ceremony images.

Wedding ceremony archways can also be layered with greenery and florals to match the season and the theme of your outdoor wedding. Archways have been very popular for many weddings we have designed as they are highly customizable to suit the couple’s vision.

The Mountainscape team has designed spectacular outdoor wedding ceremonies using decorative archways of modern geometric shapes and even rustic wood designs.

Bold Botanicals

Beautiful floral arrangements are a timeless choice for your outdoor wedding decor since they can be designed to fit all seasons and ceremony styles.

Bold botanicals add personality and provide incredible texture to your outdoor wedding scene.

Consider making a statement with your outdoor wedding decor with cascading flower arrangements to compliment your wedding theme and color palette.

Cozy Comforts For Your Guests

With the snow covering the mountain peaks, and the whiteness of the landscape, winter is truly magical in the Rocky Mountains. Therefore, we recommend couples to embrace the cooler winter weather by holding an outdoor wedding ceremony. That’s why providing your guests with cozy comforts is a must.

Faux-fur or rustic wool blankets will keep your guests warm during your ceremony while conveniently doubling as seasonally appropriate outdoor winter or fall wedding decor.

Vintage-Inspired Visuals

Generate a timeless and classic feel for your guests by adding vintage elements to your outdoor wedding decor. Retro, antique, mid-century, or boho – the Mountainscape Weddings team has helped many couples bring their vintage-inspired wedding dream to life.

The best vintage-inspired outdoor wedding decor ideas include welcome signage in antique frames, stacked trunks, and birdcages brimming with flowers.

You can also introduce gorgeous vintage elements into your outdoor wedding decor through mismatched ceremony seating, playful guest comfort stations, and muted flower arrangements.

Ice Sculptures & Centerpieces

Custom ice sculptures are the show-stopper to any outdoor winter wedding decor. What better way to strike visual interest when planning a wedding in the snow-capped season?

The Mountainscape team has designed grand outdoor wedding ceremonies by including ice elements such as custom sculptures, monogrammed luges, and entire bars made of ice.

Layers of Lanterns & Candles

When planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, the weather can sometimes dictate what is possible. For instance, it could get too chilly in the winter to include outdoor wedding decor focused primarily on flowers.

Lanterns and candles are one of the best outdoor wedding decor ideas for chillier months. They bring a cozy feel to your ceremony and add stunning beauty by illuminating your walk down the aisle.

The Mountainscape Wedding Team Are Your Outdoor Wedding Decor Experts

Do you want to have the best outdoor wedding decor for your ceremony? Transforming your wedding ideas into a beautiful reality is our specialty. Whether you plan an outdoor wedding ceremony in the winter, spring, summer, or fall, we can help you create a show-stopping event you and your guests will remember forever.

Modern, traditional, colorful, or classic, we have the best outdoor wedding decor services for couples getting married in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Our wedding planning services come with a Decor & Design Package. We diligently work with you to bring your picture-perfect outdoor wedding design to life.

Mountainscape Weddings believes the most essential wedding trend is individuality. Let our design team capture your vision and turn your outdoor wedding decor ideas into a design that showcases your unique personality and style.

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